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Musical Journey

(Audio CD)
Human Coetzee & Jetty de Vries
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This colourful musical journey starts in France of the 17th century (with François Couperin) and moves to and fro through the next three centuries through Austria, Germany, Spain and Italy to end in Russia in the mid-20th century (with Igor Stravinsky and Sergei Prokofiev). On this journey musical gems from well-known composers such as Franz Joseph Haydn (Serenade), Franz Schubert (Ave Maria) and Enrico Toselli (Serenata) are included. A few beautiful pieces from lesser known composers are also on the programme, for instance the Adagio by the German composer Woldemar Bargiel (half-brother of Clara Schumann), the Air by Jean Huré (French composer and follower of Claude Debussy) and the Interludio by Luis Ignacio Marin García (contemporary Spanish composer). Cellist Human Coetzee and organist Jetty de Vries are both lecturers at the School of Music of the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, where Human teaches cello and Jetty teaches organ and piano. The combination of cello and organ has been of great personal interest to both of them and they have been playing together for the past fifteen years. Their double CD (titled A Musical Journey) should be available shortly. The combination of cello and organ is not often heard in concert. The velvety tone of the cello combines beautifully with the majestic sound of the organ. Although a few composers through the ages created repertoire for this combination, Human and Jetty are constantly adapting music for cello and organ that was not originally composed for these two instruments. The unique atmosphere of The Atrium with the use of its very special organ holds great promise for this concert. Surely an opportunity not to be missed!

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